Friday, August 30, 2013

F- Yeah Friday! - Class In Session

WOW! It's the LAST friday of summer! This used to mean that it was time to go back to school. Growing up I always loved this point in the year because it meant everything was about to be new again: new classes, students, lunch boxes and one of the only times of the year I got new clothes! I adore the colors associated with the beginning of Autumn. Earth and deep jewel tones always give me this cozy feeling. This week I found myself leaning towards things that make me nostalgic for the days when my biggest decision was which Lisa Frank trapper keeper would make me look the coolest. Sigh. 

1. I've been eyeing these glasses from BonLook for a few months. I think the time has come to finally get them!
2. Moleskines are the best notebook/journals I've ever owned. Not only do they have an awesome secret pocket in the back but now that they are available in every color which gets me giddy! I need to start journaling more so I have an excuse to buy every single one. 
3. I can't wait for my Fall Foal-iage Boot from ModCloth The perfect fall staple!
4. Stumbled upon the work of LA photographer, Heather Landis. Her series Abyss of the Disheartened is so beautiful!
5. I got a Herschel backpack very similar to this one a few months back and has made my everyday transport with my laptop so much nicer then lugging around a bulky laptop bag! I love how simple but bold all their designs choices are. 
6. I recently invested in a pair of these UrbanEars headphones because i listen to too much music for my ears to be hurting from wearing my little mac earbuds. I also want these in every color, but that would be absurd. Good luck finding just one color your like!
7. Guys, I'm obsessed with globes. Especially globe lamps. I found a working one with a dent in it at a thrift store and plan to soon get the bulb, fix the dent, maybe even re-paint the wood! Stand by! 

I hope you get to soak in one of the last weekends of summer this holiday weekend! But no worries NEW and CHANGE are on the way! EXCITING!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take Cover: Gold Room/Elliott Smith = St. Ides Heaven ( WITH MP3!)

LA up and comer, Goldroom ( which I'm going to guess they got their name from the slightly sketchy but hipster Echopark dive bar), announced their new album for fall and to celebrate released this cover of fellow neighborhood legend, the late Elliott Smith. All LA Love and I love it! 
*You can download the Mp3 for free if you like Goldroom on the ol' FB! And if you want a shot of Tequila and a beer for 5 bucks, The Goldroom on Sunset is the place to go. Either way is a good deal!  ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

T.T.T. (Top Tunes Tuesday)

After tons of listening, here are a few suggestions of new music I recommend for you to check out this week:


* Let Go- RAC featuring Kele ( Bloc Party) and MDMR

*My Party- Icona Pop featuring Zebra Katz

*The Waves Have Come- Chelsea Wolfe

*Vagabonds- Grizfolk feat Nikola Bedingfield ( FREE DOWNLOAD!)

*Another Day- Carousel


* The Third Eye Centre - Belle and Sebastian


* Million Miles- TV on the Radio

* Waiting Game- Banks

Happy New Music Tuesday!

Monday, August 26, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit -Friday Flowers

As this will be my first outfit post, I feel as though there must be a disclaimer: I am not a fashionista and this is not a fashion blog. I don't really know that many designers and I have a limited budget but love finding items that match my personality. Since I was in elementary school I have always dressed a little different and sometimes just straight up strange. I used to have an experimental day once a week til I graduated college where I would go out of my way to wear an outfit I've never tried before and some would be a hit, others would be a lot of stares and bad party photos to haunt me for years to come, but: Hey I Tried. Which is where the title for these posts came from.  I would like to think as I glide into my late 20's I'm able to fully explain my look as vintage inspired with an unique modern twist, but truth be told I am that girl who on most days rolls out of bed 7 minutes before I have to leave for work. BUT there are those days when I try and instead of when I was in school and used to say with shrug, "Hey, I tried." It's now like: HEY! I TRIED!.... I'll try to keep the self-pats on the back to a minimal. ;)

So I am completely aware that Fridays in offices are known as casual Fridays. Bring out thee polo and Hawaiian shirts, sneakers and jeans! But I think that the odds of me going out after work tend to be a lot a higher than other nights of the week so LETS GIVE EM SOMETHING TO SEE!
I was going to return this skirt to just be practical but after  how many compliments I received, the public has spoken: The Skirt Stays!

Head to Toe: Lipstick- Russian Red by Mac / Shirt- (Mossimo) Target/ Skirt- Roses are Radiant Skirt from Modcloth/ Shoes- Steve Madden ( From a few years back)

Friday, August 23, 2013

F- YEAH FRIDAY! -First Signs of Fall

  1.  The new album from Volcano Choir -Repave is streaming on NPR. I've already played this album 3 times.....just today. I'll hold from boasting about it til its actual release next month.
  2. OK anything marigold/mustard yellow already has my attention, but then the this  dress from Tulle has a peter pan collar too? Shucks, I'm a goner. Since it's the end of summer I can start window shopping for fall, right?
  3. Since I learned Bhakti Chai , the the best chai I've ever had (from my college town of Boulder, CO) is now being sold at Whole Foods, I've been stocking up with glee! It has a great spicey kick, but having it over ice makes it the perfect transitional drink from summer to fall. Trust me, if you are a REAL chai fan, you won't regret tracking this stuff down.
  4. This Glow and Arrows Necklace from ModCloth keeps catching me eye.....
  5. The artist Rune Guneriussen work leaves me in awe
  6.  I bought a constellation kit from Miniature Rhino's Esty shop and loved it! Perfect little project while catching up on my shows.
  7. My new Orion constellation wall/shrine! A tribute to my tattoo on my back. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Take Cover: Haim/Sheryl Crow = Strong Enough (WITH MP3!)

So first can we all agree that everyone above is dressed in 90's fashion and have great hair? Ok great. Moving on. With out a doubt, Haim is a band I have been obsessed with for the past year and they don't even have a full EP released yet ( a few more weeks people). The 3 LA sisters have just been dropping little gold nugget singles every few months for a year now and then when I stumbled upon this cover a week or two ago my heart may have exploded and even though it may be old news by now in the music bloggin world. IT NEEDED TO BE ON HERE! They say it perfectly in the video,"This is such a good jam. I forgot how GOOD this song was." Hell yes sisters. And this is rare, BUT this might be one of those cases would I could argue that the cover is better than orginal. Sorry Sheryl, I'll still do your version at karaoke. Scouts honor.

*There IS a link at the bottom of the you tube video where you can download just the song of this video. YAY!

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