Friday, August 30, 2013

F- Yeah Friday! - Class In Session

WOW! It's the LAST friday of summer! This used to mean that it was time to go back to school. Growing up I always loved this point in the year because it meant everything was about to be new again: new classes, students, lunch boxes and one of the only times of the year I got new clothes! I adore the colors associated with the beginning of Autumn. Earth and deep jewel tones always give me this cozy feeling. This week I found myself leaning towards things that make me nostalgic for the days when my biggest decision was which Lisa Frank trapper keeper would make me look the coolest. Sigh. 

1. I've been eyeing these glasses from BonLook for a few months. I think the time has come to finally get them!
2. Moleskines are the best notebook/journals I've ever owned. Not only do they have an awesome secret pocket in the back but now that they are available in every color which gets me giddy! I need to start journaling more so I have an excuse to buy every single one. 
3. I can't wait for my Fall Foal-iage Boot from ModCloth The perfect fall staple!
4. Stumbled upon the work of LA photographer, Heather Landis. Her series Abyss of the Disheartened is so beautiful!
5. I got a Herschel backpack very similar to this one a few months back and has made my everyday transport with my laptop so much nicer then lugging around a bulky laptop bag! I love how simple but bold all their designs choices are. 
6. I recently invested in a pair of these UrbanEars headphones because i listen to too much music for my ears to be hurting from wearing my little mac earbuds. I also want these in every color, but that would be absurd. Good luck finding just one color your like!
7. Guys, I'm obsessed with globes. Especially globe lamps. I found a working one with a dent in it at a thrift store and plan to soon get the bulb, fix the dent, maybe even re-paint the wood! Stand by! 

I hope you get to soak in one of the last weekends of summer this holiday weekend! But no worries NEW and CHANGE are on the way! EXCITING!

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