Thursday, August 22, 2013

Take Cover: Haim/Sheryl Crow = Strong Enough (WITH MP3!)

So first can we all agree that everyone above is dressed in 90's fashion and have great hair? Ok great. Moving on. With out a doubt, Haim is a band I have been obsessed with for the past year and they don't even have a full EP released yet ( a few more weeks people). The 3 LA sisters have just been dropping little gold nugget singles every few months for a year now and then when I stumbled upon this cover a week or two ago my heart may have exploded and even though it may be old news by now in the music bloggin world. IT NEEDED TO BE ON HERE! They say it perfectly in the video,"This is such a good jam. I forgot how GOOD this song was." Hell yes sisters. And this is rare, BUT this might be one of those cases would I could argue that the cover is better than orginal. Sorry Sheryl, I'll still do your version at karaoke. Scouts honor.

*There IS a link at the bottom of the you tube video where you can download just the song of this video. YAY!

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