Monday, September 30, 2013

Monthly Mixes: Sapphire (September)

September was too much. Some of my favorite albums of the year ALL came out this month including: Volcano Choir, Lorde, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Chrvches. Started listening to kick ass artists like Willis Earl Beal, Whispertown, and Shovels and Rope. And singles galore...dear god.  It almost caused me anxiety trying to keep up! I can't forget how much I became obsessed with Van Morrison's Astral Weeks this past month. Sometimes it takes a certain moment to make you hear a song a different way and then you are forever changed.  Here is a VERY awesome playlist of the musical gems that have been playing in my ear drums over and over this past month ( SIDE NOTE: I remade my Sapphire playlist cause I accidentally hit the alphabetical button and it didn't allow me to arrange the songs after that, which is very important to me! So sorry if you already were following and it disappeared! Re-follow cause this one won't go anywhere!) 

Take Cover: Madonna/ Elliott Smith = Between The Bars

K. So....I bet you didn't see this one coming. First, LOOK! I found a photo of Madonna being a Hipster! Next, she performed my favorite Elliott Smith song, Between The Bars, the other night as a protest to the prison system and for her new project called the SecretProjectRevolution. Well, the song is NOT about prison.... at all..... but about a night of binge drinking from bar to bar with a girl Elliott had quite the emotional relationship with.... Leave it to Madonna to make a dramatic play on words as she is dragged out in shackles by two fake cops and sings it on the floor. It is decent though. Not my favorite cover of the song ( oh it's been done before), but if it gets people who listen to Madonna to listen to Elliott Smith, I'm on the band wagon. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Screw Everything Else, This is Amazing: Arcade Fire's Here Comes the Night Time

WHOA. What just happened? All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Arcade Fire releases a 22:13 minute video, directed by Roman Coppola?! Every second is awesome from the costumes to the crowd and WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?! That place is amazing! How do they always seem to manage to have the best time, doing the hippest thing and be where everyone else wants to be at all at once?  Ok ok, there might be a FEW moments of overdoing it here and there, but pretty excited about what I've heard coming from producer James Murphy so far! Cameos made by: James Franco, Ben Stiller, Bono. Michael Cera, Aziz Azari, Eric Wareheim, Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis and Rainn Wilson. Featuring 'Here Comes The Night Time,' 'We Exist,' and 'Normal Person' from the new album REFLEKTOR out Oct 29th.

Take Cover: Ellie Goulding/Alt-J = Tessellate

As promised, I thought I would make sure I delivered on another Ellie Goulding cover. Just when I think this song can't get any better, Ellie covers it. Then when I think it can't get any better than that, she makes this sexy, gorgeous music video for it and in Paris, nonetheless. WOWZA, dang girl!This is old news in the music world, but since I haven't shared it on here yet and its bound to be one of the best covers of the year, you bet your ass I'm going to make sure it get's some play on the blog! Brace yourself for a very sassy experience.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Take Cover: Chvrches/ Whitney Houston = It's Not Right But It's Ok

As if Chvrches didn't already reward me enough with one of my favorite albums of the year this month, BUT they now have covered a surprising Ms. Houston song. Sometimes a band can turn everything they touch to gold. These guys are shaping up to be one of those bands.

Friday, September 27, 2013

F-Yeah Friday! - Fall Florals

I know floral patterns are usually reserved for spring but I tend to really fall for florals in....fall...ha. So I scrounged around and found some items to add some prettiness to your upcoming autumn wardrobe! Sorry its so late but I've been on job interviews all week, but now that I have a long job lined up, let's get to it!

1. I'm probably going to end up with this Read It and Steep Romper by the end of the weekend.
2. Forage's tie/bowtie/handkerchief patterns are so great!
3. I love the vintage feel of this  Queen of Poppy Teapot
4. Coats are always a good statement piece, Tulle makes great coats!  I own two!
5. The print of this  On the Scene Dress is sooooo unique and the mix of colors makes it easy to wear with a bunch of fall hues
6. Sometimes just a little bit like these peek-a-boo floral boots do the trick!
7. Oh Anthropologie, why do you tempt me so?!

I get to see Vampire Weekend and Beirut at the Hollywood Bowl tommorrow! SO excited! What are you guys up to this weekend?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Take Cover: Sleigh Bells/ Phoenix = Chloroform

So I loved the last two Sleigh Bells albums, and  their new album is coming out soon, but I have yet to be really taken back by any single I've heard. This cover, on the other hand, is really different, unexpected and what I love most is that Alexis Krauss' voice is SINGING. Not screaming at me. Her voice is really something else. More of that please-and-thank-you. OH This is an MP3 you can download if you like it as much as I do! 

H.I.T. Outfit - Red and Purple Passion

This dress has been the rockstar of my spring and summer wardrobe. After scoring it for 8 dollars (with the belt too may I add!) I wore it to weddings and my birthday included. Needless to say, it served me well. I originally planned on shortening the dress as I do with many vintage dresses I buy to bring them up to date, but then I couldn't bare to cut the print and thought it might ruin the silhouette. I had never really worn red and purple together before this outfit and so happy a stumbled upon it, it's such a nice pop of contrast. I am obviously OVERLY anxious for a weather change, Fall being my favorite season, yet LA tends to have an extended summer ( it was 78 yesterday) and thought I would add this wool hat to autumn it up one last time before I put it away til spring. 
Head to Toe: Hat- Borrowed from my roommate, Megan, but I'm pretty sure it's this one from American Apparel/ Lipstick- Russian Red, MAC/ Dress & belt- $8 from this AMAZING store  where you pay $7 per lb for vintage clothes. Insane./ Shoes- Steve Madden a few years ago

* Photos taken by my love, Weston.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Take Cover: HAIM/ Miley Cyrus = Wrecking Ball

Do you guys have any idea how hard it was to try and find a portrait of Miley WITHOUT her tongue hanging out of her mouth? I gave up. BBC live has a great thing going on with all these covers! I'm so excited for HAIM's album to come out next week, but if you can't wait either Ssshhhhh! Here's a link to hear it ahead of time....but that won't stop me from blogging about it next week. Just so ya know!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Tunes Tuesday (T.T.T.) 9-24-13

This week is girl heavy. Sorry Drake, but the ladies are outshining you for this post. Plus, everyone is blogging about Drake and you've probably listened to it already, it is worth listening to, BTDubbs. But I wanted to draw some light to a few other gems girls.


Sky Ferreria You're Not The One

I've been behind on the Sky Ferreria train til very recently but this single got my attention. And oh lookie! She got a hair cut. Good for her.

MØ - Never Wanna Know

How I overlooked this awesome chick til now is beyond me, cause not only does this single slay your heart about a past love moving on, but her other singles kick just as much ass. The Doowop influence takes the cake.This will be my song of the week. I know it. Her album drops October 20th so you'll be hearing more from her on here very soon.


Lorde- Pure Heroine

Well, this is streaming a week early and it's too damn good to wait another 6 days before you hear it. UPDATE: I ATTACHED THE ALBUM VIA SPOTIFY BELOW. It's cohesive, solid and beautiful little pop package of heartfelt teenage goodness. I was lucky enough to see her 2nd show ever in the US a few weeks back and knew after she killed her short but sweet set this most anticipated album of the year would not disappoint. Favorite tracks ( not already released because those all rule) : 400 Lux, Ribs, A World Alone. But you will enjoy every note of this whole thing :)

Au Revoir Simone- Move In Spectrums

Not going to lie, its hard to have your album come out on the same day as Drake, Icona Pop, Chrvches ( yes their actual release date was today) and Lorde's freshly streamed and expect to get noticed on any blog. Luckily, NPR streamed it last week so I got a listen and I was so stoked about it that I thought that you might want to hear it too. This Brooklyn trio may have a very European sounding name, but they got it from a character in Pee Wee's Big Adventure ( hey, why not?). Their past albums have been very light and airy and great harmonizing, and after they took a long hiatus and all made their own individual albums, they came back together and think it's for the better, they grew alot! This album struck me more because it's dancey, more layered and pop filled but still really pretty. Just like them :) No seriously, they are gorgeous. Favorite Tracks: More Than- for it's pretty harmonizing for which they are known for. The Lead is Galloping. And We Both Know, mostly instrumental and wants to be in an indie trailer. 

HONORABLE MENTION: Icona Pop- This is....Icona Pop - If you want to prance around and pretend you're a cheerleader for an hour, then do it! I AM a fan of the Jay Z/Beyonce tribute- Girlfriend


Solange- Lovers in the Parking Lot

Watch Solange show off her dance classes ( she shashays down the hallway at one point), her own moves to prove she's related to Beyonce, and all while she pretends she's Kim Catrall from Mannequin in an low end mall. Man, she OWNS that hair. I love her. Also, the Gaffer ha d quite the job on this video. Good work man. ( or WOman)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Take Cover: Low/ Rhianna = Stay

SubPop is killing it. Per usual. The Duluth band covered this song live earlier this year at the Pitchfork Festival. Now its available on iTunes and all the proceeds will benefit the Chicago music education organization Rock For Kids. Wicked. (p.s. recommended to listen to on winter nights, driving and heartbroken haha)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Take Cover: Janelle Monae / The Jackson 5 = I Want You Back

Incase you missed it, this girl was my top album of last week's T.T.T. 
Incase you want more, you're in luck! Here is the bonus track of her new album covering the endless awesomeness that is The Jackson 5's, I Want You Back:

And because I just can't help myself, here is a link to the band Discovery's version back from 2010 that I probably put on every mix I made someone that year!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Take Cover: London Grammer/La Roux = In For The Kill

First, let me say that La Roux single handedly brought back the Flock of Seagulls hairdo with a modern upgrade. LOVE her. The more I listen to London Grammar, the more their new album sinks into me as a good fall album. And when it comes to covers, they have good taste.

Friday, September 20, 2013

F-Yeah Friday! - Idyllwild Inspired

I am so excited to go to Idyllwild this weekend with Weston that I ended up sitting here the past few days just day-dreaming and getting the gimmie gimmies over a bunch of cabin worthy items that would fit the mood and make me oh so cozy! Idyllwild is a mountain area about 2 hours South East of Los Angeles and when you arrive in the small little town you can't help but say, "Well this is effing cute." We got a little cabin and our fingers crossed to see some fall foliage, but that might be a late October thing here, we will see!  What are you up to this weekend?

1. I love the Typography  of this Happy Camper pullover
2.This Columbia Reverse Shred Shirt is on clearance at REI!
3. I am craving these Free People Denim Overalls and can't get them out of my mind. I'm hoping they go on sale at some point. Who would have thought a 28 year old woman would want overalls, but I just do.
4. These Ladies' Minnetonka Moccasins Back Zipper Boot in Dusty Brown Suede just feel necessary for fall and winter in LA.
5. On camping and cabin trips, Wes and I have developed a little tradition of reading a David Sedaris story or two before bed, right now we are working through David Sedaris' Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls .
6. I believe this just got released today! It's Dogfish Head Brewery Punkin Ale and I PROMISE it is one of the best pumpkin beers you will ever taste! I am OBSESSED with anything pumpkin. So you bettter believe I'm heading out today to stock up and hoard a bunch from the population. Watch out LA liquor stores!
7.  I'll take one of those beers ( or two or three) and just curl up in  a comfy wool blanket around the fire place and listen to Van Morrison, if that's cool.
8. The Camping french press from REI is next on the list for a necessity when I go "Glamping" with Weston or Clay. ( GAH I LOVE REI!)

Time to pack!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit - Clearance Goldmine

This outfit is to prove the awesomeness you can score with scouting for clearance items. I have the worst patience of anyone I know. But sometimes, just sometimes, I hold off and it really does become a virtue. Total original price for this entire outfit $350.79 . What I paid: $116.79. That is almost exactly a 1/3 of the price and I feel effing awesome about it. It makes me want to quote Lucas from Empire Records,"Damn the Man. Save the Empire.".....But I did give the Man money at the end....schit.

Head to Toe: Lipstick-Cinnamon Stick by Maybelline my favorite go to lipstick for the perfect bronzed rust color. I wear this constantly. It's at drug stores./ Coat- I waited for this Cargo Coat from Tulle for over 6 months and it paid off during the half off Spring Clearance sale this past year, $25.00/ Dress- Anthropologie: Karen Walker, Tiered Tulip dress was one of those magical moments where it was on clearance ( missing the belt) and in my size for $49.99/ Belt is vintage from a store in Brooklyn where I bought a very West Side Story pink dress and she threw in the belt 1/2 off cause she said it looked too perfect on me not to buy it. $10.00/ Tights-  blue Houndstooth ForeverXX1, $6.80/ Shoes- Ecote Metal Tipped Heels at Urban Outfitters, Post Christmas clearance, LAST PAIR-$25.99. ......Braided Hairdo- FREE :) ***Let me know if you want me to do some hairdo DIY's on here, I just figured plenty of people do it already, but I'd be happy to if there was interest!

Take Cover: Arctic Monkeys / Drake = Hold On We're Going Home

Arctic Monkeys just keep getting sexier and sexier, don't they? And since I have been a fan of Drizzy here since he was Jimmy, the token black kid on the Canadian teen show, Degrassi ( IT GOES THERE), I get really stoked when I find any cover of Drake. I still think Florence and the Machine's cover of Take Care , is probably one of my top three favorite covers EVER. Yes, I said ever. This cover of Drake's new single fits the Arctic Monkey's sorta black keys, sorta hot saucy new sound pretty damn perfect.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take Cover: Georgi Kay/Bjork = Joga

Now, I've grown to think that actually LIKING Bjork comes as an acquired taste, like caviar or scotch or something.  I used to hate on her til all of a sudden it her music sounded different. Mine came to be when I was 19 and this song Joga, just floored me. It's dark and romantic and hits the heart the right way and I spent the rest of college obsessed with her and vowed to track her down in Iceland. I recently learned that the people of Iceland are not exactly fans of her due to how outrageous she is and how traditional they are. But, Georgi Kay is a fan! This Australian recently nailed a part in the New Zealand miniseries, Top of the Lake ( on Netflix BTDubbs and will scream OHMIGOD during the last episode). During one of the episodes she sings this cover and I feel like even if you don't like Bjork, you might still love this. ANd who knows maybe you'll even start to see the beauty in her music as I did. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top Tunes Tuesday (T.T.T)

Today I got to have a dirty chai, a homemade pumpkin smoothie and listen to TONS of awesome music for you guys! New music drops as often as leaves during this season and I'm trying my best to filter it for you, but when it's all good, what can you do? It's like when you pick out a bunch of clothes to try on, planning to only get one or two things. And before you know it you walk out the store with almost everything cause it all fit and looked awesome. Ok that might just be a lady thing. ANYWAYS, below is a lot of goodness. Enjoy the rest of the week!


Lorde- Team
I've already confessed to my girl crush on this Kiwi and after seeing her a month ago I already knew I was going to love this single because every song she performed that night sounded AMAZING. 

Chromeo-Over Your Shoulder
I'm biased because I've been following these guys since they first started getting traction at my college radio station I DJ'ed at. So stoked they are up to creating more 90's snyth dance goodness!

Cut Copy- Free Your Mind
This is happy poppy dancey and fun. What Cut Copy does best, and may I add, always in their cute little matching suits  DAAAAW!

Beck- Gimmie
WHY OH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE A SCIENTOLOGIST?! Sigh. Always reinventing himself. Always making it enjoyable. This is no exception.

The Killers & M83- Shot At The Night
I've said it before and I'll say it again, everything from M83 makes me feel like I'm in a modern John Hughes movie. Adding Brandon Flowers ( the lead singer from The Killers) is the perfect 80's throwback for a killer ( ahem, pun intended) pop dramatic ballad making you believe that Molly Ringwald is going to bite her lip and smile right in front of you.


Nathaniel Rateliff- Falling Faster Than You Can Run
I have been following this Denver ( my hometown) native since I was in high school and he went by a the name: The Wheel. Well, after having to change the name due to some legal reason that's beyond me, he decided to make it simple and just go by his actual name and is making serious traction the past few years.  Folks, I'm going to declare it, this is a GREAT ESSENTIAL 2013 fall album. You could say he reminds of you Bon Iver or City and Colour or even ( DARE I SAY IT?!) Mumford and Sons. Maybe tie him in with fellow Denver indie darlings, the Lumineers ( which I think he influenced THEM if anything).  BUT I think the emotion in is voice is the kind that sits in your stomach. When you see him sing live, a lump in your throat appears and you're not sure why. Somehow he's able to re-live every emotion that caused the lyrics, good and bad, over and over, and you feel closer to him afterwards. He's intimate, he's talented and think this album is going to send him up on the indie chain.

SNEAK PEEK: Chvrches- The Bones Of What You Believe
It is streaming a week early on NPR's First Listen! I had it on repeat all day yesterday. Every single that they have released I have drooled over and you won't regret taking 48 minutes and 15 seconds listening to the whole thing.

Chvrches- The Bones of What You Believe

Consolation Prizes Go To:
MGMT- MGMT ( yeah you read that right)
The Naked & Famous- In Rolling Waves
( Also released today if you are feeling ambitious and want to listen to two more albums this week, both have good tracks, just not as strong as the two above, in my opinion)


Tegan and Sara release a video touching on how technology dependent our relationships are, and especially how worse they are in the 21st century when they end.

My friend Mary sent me this and I love how pretty, light and shoegazer the track is. The video matches the song and gives me a slight trigger to Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2 when she needs a "Cool cool cool cool cool rider"....anyone else? Just me? Ok.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Adventure Awaits: Palomar Mountain State Park

My room mate and best friend, Clay, and I went camping this weekend. We literally hiked every trail this park had to offer that added up to a total of 11 miles. The nights were warm and we got tipsy playing Separation of Kevin Bacon by our campfire. We stopped by a reservation casino on the way back and turned 10 bucks into 30 playing Roulette! Which made us not feel so guilty spending money on 25 avocados and some local avocado honey and pomegranates! Here are a few colorful gems from our trip!

Clay got excited at work and drew me this little doodle which I will probably frame and adore forever! Oh, that's my little red car, Lola, the transportation for many explorations!
The beginnings of fall were everywhere.....

My camping companion
Our treasures from hiking all day.
Um yes. We totally flipped an U for these. Totally worth it.

Anyone else have any good campsite suggestions for Cali in the fall?