Monday, September 16, 2013

Adventure Awaits: Palomar Mountain State Park

My room mate and best friend, Clay, and I went camping this weekend. We literally hiked every trail this park had to offer that added up to a total of 11 miles. The nights were warm and we got tipsy playing Separation of Kevin Bacon by our campfire. We stopped by a reservation casino on the way back and turned 10 bucks into 30 playing Roulette! Which made us not feel so guilty spending money on 25 avocados and some local avocado honey and pomegranates! Here are a few colorful gems from our trip!

Clay got excited at work and drew me this little doodle which I will probably frame and adore forever! Oh, that's my little red car, Lola, the transportation for many explorations!
The beginnings of fall were everywhere.....

My camping companion
Our treasures from hiking all day.
Um yes. We totally flipped an U for these. Totally worth it.

Anyone else have any good campsite suggestions for Cali in the fall?

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  1. Hey! This place looks amazing! How far away is it? I would love to venture out there.