Friday, September 27, 2013

F-Yeah Friday! - Fall Florals

I know floral patterns are usually reserved for spring but I tend to really fall for florals in....fall...ha. So I scrounged around and found some items to add some prettiness to your upcoming autumn wardrobe! Sorry its so late but I've been on job interviews all week, but now that I have a long job lined up, let's get to it!

1. I'm probably going to end up with this Read It and Steep Romper by the end of the weekend.
2. Forage's tie/bowtie/handkerchief patterns are so great!
3. I love the vintage feel of this  Queen of Poppy Teapot
4. Coats are always a good statement piece, Tulle makes great coats!  I own two!
5. The print of this  On the Scene Dress is sooooo unique and the mix of colors makes it easy to wear with a bunch of fall hues
6. Sometimes just a little bit like these peek-a-boo floral boots do the trick!
7. Oh Anthropologie, why do you tempt me so?!

I get to see Vampire Weekend and Beirut at the Hollywood Bowl tommorrow! SO excited! What are you guys up to this weekend?

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