Friday, September 6, 2013

F-Yeah Friday! - FOXY!

1. I just bought this Sly Little Fox - Hand-Embroidered Necklace from the Poppy and Fern shop. She embroiders little animals, flowers and objects into the frames from a triceratops to a camera, to even a bear with a bowtie! Such unique necklaces and they are all on sale right now it seems! You also get a 15% off code for first timer on ScoutMob, so that helped me say yes to this Foxy guy!

2. I'm a sucker for mugs and I love that the Tail Me More Mug in Fox from ModCloth has a grip that's a fox tail! Eep!

3. Tyler Shields is hands down of my favorite photographers. He's young, edgy and creates really shocking images with his models ( who happen to be his friends, like Emma Roberts in this one!) His work has a very "LA" feel to it, and I mean that in the best way! This is from a series called "Suspense".

4. What I like about The Rise And Fall Fox Pillow from Urban Outfitters is that it seems like it could be design neutral and no matter your color scheme, he would blend in perfectly!

5. I know everyone was going bonkers for a Taylor Swift Fox sweater last year, kinda late to that game, BUT this Kissing Foxes Sweater from Ann Taylor ( see what I did there) is just as cute and about a 1/3 of the price.

6. Ok, the print on this bow tie from Fox and Brie is perfection!!!!! But they seem to be sold out :( SAD PANDA! So here is a link to the same pattern in their Mustard Floral Pocket Square that will spruce up any suit

7. I ADORE this  Silent Fox Rug From Anthropologie, but my bank account doesn' we are going to wait for the sale on this baby....You will be mine little fox, you will be mine....

8. And finally, I can't have a Foxy post with out giving you THIS little gem to send you into the weekend. ;)

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