Friday, September 13, 2013

F-Yeah Friday! - Triskaidekaphobia

Triskaidekaphobia: The fear of the number 13. Incase you somehow didn't notice, my friends, today is Friday the 13th. I can't believe how much the fear of the number STILL plays out in our every day lives. Most of the time there is no 13th floor in buildings. There is no room #13 in hotels. Many architects won't build a staircase with 13 steps. Flying on Friday the 13th is always cheaper than other Fridays. There are of course endless other amounts of bad luck, if you break a mirror or have a black cat cross your path. There was a trend in the late 1880's that developed after a group of 13 people sat in a room numbered 13 and walked under a ladder to enter themselves into the Thirteen Club, with the goal to debunk superstitions. I guess even Theodore Roosevelt was apart of one! As random as our bad luck superstitions are, our good luck ones are just as bizarre: Rabbits feet? Wishbones? Four leaf clover, horseshoes and the landing of a lady bug?! Well however superstitious your are, there is something below to for the daring or the cautious.

1. Rub this Bunny Terrarium Necklace as an updated version of the rabbit's foot
2. Add this Vintage Wishbone pin to your coat for luck and charm
3. Walking under a ladder is bad luck, but I loved this idea to literally flip it on it's head and make these AWESOME shelves!
4. You'll be crossing everyone's path with these ModCloth Up Your Alley Cat Flats
5. If you accidentally open an umbrella inside, it might as well be the Heart Trim Bubble Umbrella from Urban Outfitters because its darn cute.
6. With this ladybugs and four leaf clover print the You're In Luck Dress from Modcloth will have others calling you Lady Luck
7. This We Are The Luckiest Print just made me go awwwwwwwwwww
8. When I found this Vintage Varsity number 13 Letter Jacket it just seemed too good to be true! I wonder how the player's luck was that wore it?!

I'm off camping for the weekend but I have some scheduled posts that will pop up for you if you stop by!
Good Luck,

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