Thursday, September 19, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit - Clearance Goldmine

This outfit is to prove the awesomeness you can score with scouting for clearance items. I have the worst patience of anyone I know. But sometimes, just sometimes, I hold off and it really does become a virtue. Total original price for this entire outfit $350.79 . What I paid: $116.79. That is almost exactly a 1/3 of the price and I feel effing awesome about it. It makes me want to quote Lucas from Empire Records,"Damn the Man. Save the Empire.".....But I did give the Man money at the end....schit.

Head to Toe: Lipstick-Cinnamon Stick by Maybelline my favorite go to lipstick for the perfect bronzed rust color. I wear this constantly. It's at drug stores./ Coat- I waited for this Cargo Coat from Tulle for over 6 months and it paid off during the half off Spring Clearance sale this past year, $25.00/ Dress- Anthropologie: Karen Walker, Tiered Tulip dress was one of those magical moments where it was on clearance ( missing the belt) and in my size for $49.99/ Belt is vintage from a store in Brooklyn where I bought a very West Side Story pink dress and she threw in the belt 1/2 off cause she said it looked too perfect on me not to buy it. $10.00/ Tights-  blue Houndstooth ForeverXX1, $6.80/ Shoes- Ecote Metal Tipped Heels at Urban Outfitters, Post Christmas clearance, LAST PAIR-$25.99. ......Braided Hairdo- FREE :) ***Let me know if you want me to do some hairdo DIY's on here, I just figured plenty of people do it already, but I'd be happy to if there was interest!

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