Thursday, September 12, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit: A Golden Rod of Marigold and covered in Mustard ;)

No secret: I'm obsessed with marigold/golden rod/ mustard colored anything. I get called out on it all the time and you will frequently see it on this blog. Which is funny, cause when I was a teen, I treated anything yellow like the black plague because I didn't want to be compared to the ginger plump bumblebee in the Blind Melon video....weird reference I know, but at 13 everything is embarrassing. It finally cooled down here to where I'm not sweating balls as I try to take photos. Much more appealing to stand outside in the sun. One thing I got on my side about these outfit posts is that there are ENDLESS cool walls to use as backgrounds in Los Angeles, definitely more than I have outfits! Ok, I think my boyfriend and room mates might debate me on that. I'm going to start making a list as I find them in my journal so I don't end up driving around aimlessly. There are so many hidden gems here. Never gets old.

                      Head to Toe: Earrings-Forever XXI/Lipstick-MAC-Russian Red Matte/
Blouse- Backyard Betty Top in Sunshine from ModCloth/Belt- From another dress/Jeans-Forever XXI/ Boots-Fall Foal-iage Boot from ModCloth

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