Thursday, September 5, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit - HEY IT'S (still) HOT

HEY I TRIED! AND IT'S STILL HOT AS HELL! Guys it's been at least 95 degrees everyday for almost two weeks. I have been so excited for September because I love the crispness fall brings, all the pumpkin products and to wear my fall wardrobe cause frankly, that's my jam. But I felt like I had to make this more of a transition hot autumn outfit cause otherwise I might pass out from heat. This was also my first attempt of taking H.I.T. photos completely on my own with my camera on a timer, and my tripod,  and let's not forget a whole bunch of awkward eye contact from passing strangers. Side Note: I really love this old theater in NoHo, I appreciate that it's still an actual theater instead of a church or sex shop like many of the other gorgeous old Hollywood theaters in Los Angeles. Ok, time for another iced coffee! ( But maybe I'll make it pumpkin spice to tame my inner fall fiend!)
 Hi. I'm sweating......alot.
 LOOK at the cute eyelet cut in the back!

Dress&Belt- Ruche/ Shoes-Vintage from Chicago/Necklace-Etsy/Lipstick-MAC, Just A Bite

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