Thursday, September 26, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit - Red and Purple Passion

This dress has been the rockstar of my spring and summer wardrobe. After scoring it for 8 dollars (with the belt too may I add!) I wore it to weddings and my birthday included. Needless to say, it served me well. I originally planned on shortening the dress as I do with many vintage dresses I buy to bring them up to date, but then I couldn't bare to cut the print and thought it might ruin the silhouette. I had never really worn red and purple together before this outfit and so happy a stumbled upon it, it's such a nice pop of contrast. I am obviously OVERLY anxious for a weather change, Fall being my favorite season, yet LA tends to have an extended summer ( it was 78 yesterday) and thought I would add this wool hat to autumn it up one last time before I put it away til spring. 
Head to Toe: Hat- Borrowed from my roommate, Megan, but I'm pretty sure it's this one from American Apparel/ Lipstick- Russian Red, MAC/ Dress & belt- $8 from this AMAZING store  where you pay $7 per lb for vintage clothes. Insane./ Shoes- Steve Madden a few years ago

* Photos taken by my love, Weston.

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