Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Tunes Tuesday (T.T.T.) 9-24-13

This week is girl heavy. Sorry Drake, but the ladies are outshining you for this post. Plus, everyone is blogging about Drake and you've probably listened to it already, it is worth listening to, BTDubbs. But I wanted to draw some light to a few other gems girls.


Sky Ferreria You're Not The One

I've been behind on the Sky Ferreria train til very recently but this single got my attention. And oh lookie! She got a hair cut. Good for her.

MØ - Never Wanna Know

How I overlooked this awesome chick til now is beyond me, cause not only does this single slay your heart about a past love moving on, but her other singles kick just as much ass. The Doowop influence takes the cake.This will be my song of the week. I know it. Her album drops October 20th so you'll be hearing more from her on here very soon.


Lorde- Pure Heroine

Well, this is streaming a week early and it's too damn good to wait another 6 days before you hear it. UPDATE: I ATTACHED THE ALBUM VIA SPOTIFY BELOW. It's cohesive, solid and beautiful little pop package of heartfelt teenage goodness. I was lucky enough to see her 2nd show ever in the US a few weeks back and knew after she killed her short but sweet set this most anticipated album of the year would not disappoint. Favorite tracks ( not already released because those all rule) : 400 Lux, Ribs, A World Alone. But you will enjoy every note of this whole thing :)

Au Revoir Simone- Move In Spectrums

Not going to lie, its hard to have your album come out on the same day as Drake, Icona Pop, Chrvches ( yes their actual release date was today) and Lorde's freshly streamed and expect to get noticed on any blog. Luckily, NPR streamed it last week so I got a listen and I was so stoked about it that I thought that you might want to hear it too. This Brooklyn trio may have a very European sounding name, but they got it from a character in Pee Wee's Big Adventure ( hey, why not?). Their past albums have been very light and airy and great harmonizing, and after they took a long hiatus and all made their own individual albums, they came back together and think it's for the better, they grew alot! This album struck me more because it's dancey, more layered and pop filled but still really pretty. Just like them :) No seriously, they are gorgeous. Favorite Tracks: More Than- for it's pretty harmonizing for which they are known for. The Lead is Galloping. And We Both Know, mostly instrumental and wants to be in an indie trailer. 

HONORABLE MENTION: Icona Pop- This is....Icona Pop - If you want to prance around and pretend you're a cheerleader for an hour, then do it! I AM a fan of the Jay Z/Beyonce tribute- Girlfriend


Solange- Lovers in the Parking Lot

Watch Solange show off her dance classes ( she shashays down the hallway at one point), her own moves to prove she's related to Beyonce, and all while she pretends she's Kim Catrall from Mannequin in an low end mall. Man, she OWNS that hair. I love her. Also, the Gaffer ha d quite the job on this video. Good work man. ( or WOman)

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