Thursday, October 24, 2013

T.T.T. 10-22-13

YAY GO ME! I'm only TWO days behind this time! So it's more like a Top Tunes Thursday!


Chromeo- Sexy Socialite

Thank god these guys are back. 

Say Lou Lou- Better In the Dark

Another sassy number for the week....



This was really the only album that caught my eye this week. Kinda slow in the album department, well that's until next week when Arcade Fire comes out and the entire indie world goes nuts! But I love this fellow redhead's ( really ginger actually) tone on his latest album. He actually at times reminds me of Tom Petty and mostly Neil Young. Yeah, your Dad might like this album. FAVORITE TRACKS: Only Want you, Smoke and Mirrors, Outta My Head and the feel good single that's been hopping around, Wild Child.

Monday, October 21, 2013

T.T.T. SUPER LATE! 10-16-13



A LITTLE corny with the lyrics, but the 19 year old in me loved it so I'm posting it anyways.

LUCIUS- Hey Doreen

These girls look and dress like twins and harmonize like a mofo.



Not a bad second album AT ALL! Always Forever and High Road are my favorites other than their already released single: I Can Hardly Make You Mine.

MO- Bikini Daze EP

How to pick a favorite song on a 4 track EP? They are all awesome. Enjoy.


HOZIER- Take Me to the Church

This would have been my single of the week but the video is so powerful I had to make it that instead. WARNING: There is violence in this, but it is a beautifully told story about the prosecution that is happening in Russia right now against Gays and Lesbians. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit -Killer Queen

This whole outfit is to pay tribute to my most beloved piece of clothing I own, those once in a lifetime finds: My 1982 Queen American Tour shirt that I got in a thrift store when I was 16 off of Colfax in Denver, Colorado for $1.75 . It was one of those things where I was delusional and young and didn't realize how amazing the find actually was till I was older. Thus it is more worn from those high school and early college days than I wish and it makes me feel a little guilty. I used to work at a coffee shop in college and while wearing it during a shift some guy who worked at a vintage store offered me 150 dollars for it on the spot. Threw me off guard but it made me look it up on ebay and I found the same shirt going for 250 bucks. WOW ok then. I know this would make some people say, um, so sell it, Dummy. But it actually just makes it more special to know that this is one of few left. It was around that time that I started getting into vintage more so it's fair to say this was my first vintage purchase. This outfit post feels silly to wear at any other time than going out at night in Los Angeles, but wanted to try and see if I could dress Freddie and the boys up for a rocking evening. I kinda felt like Sandy in grease. HAHA but that is the point of why I do this, to try it out. 

 Head to Toe: Jacket, Urban Oufitters/ Sun Glasses, Target/ Lipstick, Russian Red-MAC/ T-Shirt-Thrifted/Leggings- Target/  Heels, Steve Madden/ Nails, Carry On-Essie

Saturday, October 12, 2013


But did I still listen to music? Hell Yeah. Let's FINALLY get started.


GEMS- Medusa

WET- I Don't Wanna Be Your Girl


PAPA- Tender Madness

I can't believe how much I love every song on this album! I also can't believe that I didn't go see them when they were doing their residency. IDIOT. But that is a constant story in LA. It has a slight National feel, not going to lie, but this definitely has their own flavor. I think it's the deepness of his voice and the drumming pattern on certain songs. The constant theme I picked on is yearning. Which is a great emotion to build quality love lorn songs with if I do say so myself! Favorite tracks include: Put Me To Work, Young Rut I Am The Lion King, Tender Madness and my top pick, If You're My Girl Then I'm Your Man. Which is ironic, since one of my singles this week is the complete opposite. I wish the Hood Internet would mash up these two songs! Geez, I think I just listed half the album.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr- The Speed Of Things

If you ever get a chance to see these guys in a small venue, highly recommended. Let's just say they take some cues from the Flaming Lips and there is usually bubbles, balloons and electric light up body suits. Fun and poppy, this album is an easy listen that would be great for that Sunday morning while you cook breakfast and have coffee. Favorite Tracks: Hiding, Don't Tell Me, Gloria.


Few things about this:
1. I love the intimacy of this video. How by them touching you flash through the cycle of their what their entire relationship would be in these tiny little moments and they walk away.
2. The director really has a thing for stedicam spinning shots. It made me laugh because if you ever see what it looks like filming those types of shots for that fairy tale whirlwind moment like I have, it's ridiculous. I bet the camera operator fell and ran into a bunch of shit in that apartment. Lots of takes, just saying, but it looks awesome at the end of the day. PAY OFF!
3. uh oh BOOBIES!
4. She is REALLY mad at him for wearing that black turtleneck.
5. OH OH! He's the guitarist for the Strokes!
6.Great song. Great Album Listen HERE

F- Yeah Firday! San Francisco Style

I went to San Francisco last weekend for a few reasons: To meet up with my best friend from Denver to celebrate his 30th brthday, this was his present from me and his girlfriend.  Also to hang out at one of the best free festivals I've ever been to: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. I thought a good FYF would be to find items that would be great to have up there that are all FROM San Francisco companies! Keeping it local yo!

1. This Days of Marigold Cardigan from SF based ModCloth is perfect for fall evenings
2.  I didn't realize that Banana Republic started in San Francisco! I also didn't realize they made such cute sunglasses!
3. Since ModCloth is makes up a HUGE amount of my clothing, I am letting myself post a few items from my favorite SF company this week, including these Art's Desire Flat in Blue that would have been nice when we explored China Town and the Mission!
4. Kinda forgot until I looked it up that Levi's started in San Francisco in 1853! DANG! And still have some of the best looking, best priced jean around! EXCELLENT!
5. I refuse to go to San Francisco without having at least one cup of Blue Bottle coffee ( originated in Oakland and is an SF staple. 
6. I have a huge crush on everything Photojojo sells. Like this wifi SD card that uploads any photo you take right to you phone! Such great gifts for any iphone addict or photographer! 
7. For sight seeing and the festival, I would have loved to have this Room and Bordeaux Bag in Cognac to carry my camera, sunscreen and daily essentials.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit - Fresh Fall Florals (I tend to like alliterations hehe)

I know. I know. I JUST posted on Friday a bunch of fall florals, but I have a few in my closet that I've been wanting to wear and share for months! FINALLY! October means I can sport not only those but officially wear a leather jacket without looking strange. Boots and layers are also starting to be more acceptable. It's still fairly warm for "Autumn" in LA, so we are stretching it, just a bit. I have a new gig coming up that will have me traveling across the country for the next 6 months, so I'll get my fair share of autumn and cold weather this year! Plus, I have fresh hair so I had to get out there and take some photos in all it's glory! Nothing makes a girl feel new and pretty like after they see their hairstylist. When I first started going to him, I had tons of colors in my hair. I've now nicknamed it my fruity pebble phase, cause my head resembled a bowl of children's cereal. I needed to go through that though because I never touched my hair til I was 24. By the time I got to Josh at Goo Salon, I told him what crazy colors I wanted and just stopped me and was like, "Yeah but you've done that. Can I just make it pretty?" So I trusted him and I've been a happy gal. He convinced me to have bangs and I've never turned back. There was one occurrence where I had him go too dark  (like the 90's magenta red EEP!) and have since been working back to slightly brighter version of my original strawberry hair. I think we are there and plan on rocking this for a long time!  Here's to changes, in seasons and in hair!

 Head to Toe: Knitted Brown Hat, Forever XXI/ Lipstick, Maybelline-Plum Perfect/Brown Pleather Jacket, Express (Here is this years version, which I actually like better!)/ Necklace, Poppy and Fern Sly Little Fox /Dress, Tulle clearance last year/ Belt, Boutique in Brooklyn/ Nails, Essie-Carry On/ Buttoned-Up Knee-High Sock, Urban Outfitters ( I own these in 5 colors! They are my favorite!)/ Boots, from a trip to Spain when I was 21.

Take Cover: Kishi Bashi/ Beirut = Sunday Smile

It's like this guy is telepathic into what my favorite songs are and makes beautiful covers of them. Here is his cover of an oldie but goodie Beirut song ( who I just saw last weekend for a 4th time at the Hollywood Bowl with Vampire Weekend and they killed it!) .

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Take Cover: Twin Shadow / Tori Amos = Silent All These Years

 SO Twin Shadow actually has a monthly "UNDER THE CVRS" series, to which I am a fan. I'm pretty sure if I was musician I would end up doing the same thing. What I don't understand is why he makes videos of them cause he's always in the dark and you can't see anything anyways.....whatever. This time he's goes 90's and cover's everyones favorite redhead, Tori. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

T.T.T. 10-1-13


Sia featuring the Weeknd and Diplo- Elastic Heart

This is the first single off the soundtrack for the upcoming film, The Hunger Game: Catching Fire. The soundtrack also includes songs from Of Monsters and Men, The National, The Weeknd, Lorde, The Lumineers, Ellie Goulding and Santigold, just to name a few. In other words, its going to kick ass. Soundtracks used to be so important to films and before you could make mix cds they were some of my favorite albums growing up ( Empire Records, Mrs Robinson etc). When you see a really great line up like this, it gives me hope that the importance of music in a film is making a come back.

Jonny Pierce -Home

The Frontman of The Drums ( easily one of my top 15 favorite bands), Jonny Pierce, has had rumors going around for literally a year that he has a solo project coming up. THEN he led me on more by doing this adorable video for Vogue for Valentines Day and then NOTHING. But now the actual recording of the song Home is out on a compilation for Kitsune Maison (Paris label) and I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat that something ELSE is coming. Great love song, BTDubbs.

The Dig- You And I

They recorded this upcoming album during the winter and fall in New York, and you can seriously tell from the slight darkness to it. Kinda like The National if you want to know what I mean. I want to walk around Brooklyn to this song right now. Dang.


HAIM- Days Are Gone

Well, I think this goes without saying that OF COURSE this was going to be my top album of the week. These guys fall under that category if they eat a bad piece of pizza, I'm all over it. Obsessed with every single they have put out this past year, I've been like the dog waiting under the table waiting for them to sneak me another piece of bacon. Even though half of their album has already been out for almost a year, there are still a few extra songs you should check out. RECOMMENDED TRACKS: all ther singles so far, but Don't Save Me is still my favorite song on the whole album, I couldn't begin to guess how many times I've listened to that song. As for new songs that weren't singles: My Song 5 is a hot, vengeful track that I will be singing in my car at the top of my lungs. I love how her sweet honey voice sings: Honey, I'm not your Honey Pie. Go Slow is another catchy single that really shows off their harmonies. But seriously the whole thing is gold. So happy that it was worth the wait.

Dr. Dog- B-ROOM

Do you like The Lumineers? How about the Alabama Shakes or My Morning Jacket? Great. Here ya go but let's add a slight 60's influence. They've toured with My Morning Jacket and recently been opening for The Lumineers so get ready to hear these guys more and more. Catchy tracks include: The Truth, Broken Heart being my favorite. Distant Light is great too. This is not one of those albums where every song sounds the same, give it a listen and I think you'll agree.


Charli XCX- SuperLove

The video basically shows every reason I want to go to Tokyo: LOOK AT ALL THE CRAZY STUFF! SO NEAT! Oh yeah, I like the single too. And I don't even think  she's 18 yet....*shakes head* sh's so awesome.