Thursday, October 3, 2013

H.I.T. Outfit - Fresh Fall Florals (I tend to like alliterations hehe)

I know. I know. I JUST posted on Friday a bunch of fall florals, but I have a few in my closet that I've been wanting to wear and share for months! FINALLY! October means I can sport not only those but officially wear a leather jacket without looking strange. Boots and layers are also starting to be more acceptable. It's still fairly warm for "Autumn" in LA, so we are stretching it, just a bit. I have a new gig coming up that will have me traveling across the country for the next 6 months, so I'll get my fair share of autumn and cold weather this year! Plus, I have fresh hair so I had to get out there and take some photos in all it's glory! Nothing makes a girl feel new and pretty like after they see their hairstylist. When I first started going to him, I had tons of colors in my hair. I've now nicknamed it my fruity pebble phase, cause my head resembled a bowl of children's cereal. I needed to go through that though because I never touched my hair til I was 24. By the time I got to Josh at Goo Salon, I told him what crazy colors I wanted and just stopped me and was like, "Yeah but you've done that. Can I just make it pretty?" So I trusted him and I've been a happy gal. He convinced me to have bangs and I've never turned back. There was one occurrence where I had him go too dark  (like the 90's magenta red EEP!) and have since been working back to slightly brighter version of my original strawberry hair. I think we are there and plan on rocking this for a long time!  Here's to changes, in seasons and in hair!

 Head to Toe: Knitted Brown Hat, Forever XXI/ Lipstick, Maybelline-Plum Perfect/Brown Pleather Jacket, Express (Here is this years version, which I actually like better!)/ Necklace, Poppy and Fern Sly Little Fox /Dress, Tulle clearance last year/ Belt, Boutique in Brooklyn/ Nails, Essie-Carry On/ Buttoned-Up Knee-High Sock, Urban Outfitters ( I own these in 5 colors! They are my favorite!)/ Boots, from a trip to Spain when I was 21.

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