Thursday, October 24, 2013

T.T.T. 10-22-13

YAY GO ME! I'm only TWO days behind this time! So it's more like a Top Tunes Thursday!


Chromeo- Sexy Socialite

Thank god these guys are back. 

Say Lou Lou- Better In the Dark

Another sassy number for the week....



This was really the only album that caught my eye this week. Kinda slow in the album department, well that's until next week when Arcade Fire comes out and the entire indie world goes nuts! But I love this fellow redhead's ( really ginger actually) tone on his latest album. He actually at times reminds me of Tom Petty and mostly Neil Young. Yeah, your Dad might like this album. FAVORITE TRACKS: Only Want you, Smoke and Mirrors, Outta My Head and the feel good single that's been hopping around, Wild Child.

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