Tuesday, November 26, 2013

T.T.T. 11-26-13

Well lucky for everyone that my flight got cancelled and I have 8 hours to kill at the airport bar! Time for a well overdue Top Tunes Tuesday. Note the word bar. I'm on drink one right now but I might be sauced by the end of this post. Also just cause I feel like it, all singles all day today.....enjoy.


Banoffee- Ninja

K. So I love this girl. Enough so that she gets two singles on my T.T.T this week cause 

Banoffee -Reign Down

It's so good I keeping searching for it on sound cloud everyday because Spotify is't hip enough to have it yet. ;)

WET- You're The Best

You need a gray sky song? Bam.

Mapei- Don't Wait
This is my getting ready in the morning jam. Which is short cause I only get up 8 minutes before I need to be out the door

Friends- The Way

EEP! So excited for this new single! They put on the best live show!

K. I'm three drinks ( DIRTY MARTINIS!) in. Weeeeeeeeee! Time to go take a nap on the plane! Oh man, I feel bad for whomever has to sit next to me as I open mouth breathe olive juice and vodka at them.....welp...Happy Thanksgiving!

Side note: why aren't there mini laundrymats in airports? I could have done 2 loads by now! 

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