Monday, April 21, 2014

New Thoughts, New Things, New Start

SooooOOOOooooooo obviously......I've not been posting....for a while. I had a NY resolution to be better about this and I think a few motivators in my life will help from here on out:

 1. Post when I feel instead of when I have to. Geez, if I could blog full time and listen to music constantly to share with you guys, life would rule. And that can be a goal I try and aspire to, but working a 50 plus hour a week job that involves a lot of traveling to bo-dunk places around the US made Tuesday, Friday and other obligated weekly posts made it really, really hard to keep up with. I realized that my weekly posts, although I LOVE doing it, take up a lot of time with all the research, listening, and coding of each post. So when I have ample amounts of time, or something amazing I want to share, be it a getaway with a playlist, a new album or a life event that makes me want to burst with happiness, they will be higher quality posts then the obligated weekly. I still have been making monthly playlists and listening to a TON of music, which I am excited to share. Just not on here. Sigh.  If I do find myself unemployed, you better bet your ass I'll be posting WAY more often.

2. 52 Weeks Project. I have done two of these. I captured my 25th and 26 year with a self portrait, once a week, for a year. The first one was so therapeutic and made me fall in love with photography. The second was harder  to finish and I think it was because my life was stable and fine. I got bored with it, and even cheated here and there a few times. I found it hard to gain inspiration of how to sum up my week. Well, I took year 27 and 28 off  and I feel since I am about to turn 29 in a few days that I should document the last year of my 20's. Might help with the fact that it will be in the last year of my 20's....meaning, I have not accepted this fact gracefully so far. Hehe. Also, so much progress and change has happened since my last round, with so many exciting adventures coming up that I WANT to capture it and have a reason to carry my camera with me again. I will start this coming week. I will post once a week. Not only am I turning 29 this week, but I'm moving in with Weston, my boyfriend of almost two years ( of course year 27 that I didn't resume this project for ended up being the best year of my life and he is one of the reasons, but somethings are ok to not document and just experience...or I'm telling myself that so I stop kicking myself for it). I am traveling on a exciting show and don't know what work is in the future. All good things.

3. Since we are moving in together this week and own almost nothing between the two of us, it's been really amazing to buy things together to build a home and life we can share. We've been brain storming and already executing many little DIY projects for our new home.

Anyways. So " have a little bit of heart and soul. Give a little bit of love to grow....." and stick around here's hoping I can pick up the slack a little for the past few months.

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