Sunday, May 11, 2014

3///52 There Is Thunder In Our Hearts

Driving down from the UP this week, I observed that it seems it is about 2 months behind a lot of the country. Even though the sun was out later, just the beginning of spring was beginning to peep through the frozen ground. It was right around freezing, temperature wise, and as we headed south everything became greener and bloomed. After a very intense day off in Chicago where I rounded up basically every Mold-a-rama figurine in the city, got to see my little Keira, had a maraca hit my nose at a Jazz club and walked on the sand down to the lake at 4am, I took a moment to realize how different I am then when I basically lived in Chicago a few years ago. Happier, for certain. Not a glimpse of a broken heart in sight. And even though most people wouldn't see it because of how much I travel, definitely more stable.  My date with the city was much appreciated and needed. I missed it.

We also have been getting crazy thunderstorms, rain, lightning and rainbows during our shoot days which I know doesn't seem like that big of deal, but when you live in LA you don't get any of that. Even though it's hurting our shoot time outside, the whole crew is really enjoying the smell of fresh rain, the shock of lightning in the distance, the gigantic clouds and the warm rain, not to mention the amazing golden hour light after the storm. Gorgeous.

 When we got to Indiana, all of a sudden these fields of yellow appeared over and over and I told my friend and minivan partner, Markus, that I needed to be in one for my 52 weeks photos this week. BAM made that shit happen! They are also the reason apparently my allergies are freaking out. I sneezed a lot after this photo.

Also can't stop listening to this song. It came out a few years ago, and so happy I stumbled upon it.

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