Friday, June 6, 2014

F.Y.F. Alternative to the other many posts I had planned.....

I can't find the cord that helps me transfer my photos from my Nikon to my computer...BUZZKILL so I am not able to blog my 52 weeks photo yet or my latest DIY or anything else I've been taking photos of lately. UGH SO ANNOYED. So instead I'll blog about fun things I'm  into lately:

THIS SONG: I've been obsessed about this girl since her first single a few years back. I got to see her perform for the first time in LA at this tiny venue called the bootleg with about 50 people and she performed her heart out, climbing on top of the speakers and shit. I couldn't believe she was 16 years old....well, she's of legal age now, she has her voice on the number single in America, not to mention the best music video I've seen in a LONG TIME ( CLUELESS TRIBUTE, AMAZEBALLS!) and this song attached to what will end up being the romantic (comedy? Can you put comedy and cancer in the same movie?) movie of the summer she will now be performing at the Staples center next time she comes to town. Congrats my girl. Your new single will be on repeat for the rest of the summer. (I will probably post it again when I get my 52 weeks photo up, be forewarned)

THIS STUFF is keeping me from going bonkers. In a nutshell, I had an medical thing happen last year that turned out fine but has caused some annoying side affects. Wes has been so awesome in supporting me while my doctor helps me figure it out which has lead us to trying this crazy food cleanse together for 30 days ( or as long as we can manage). No dairy, no grains, no gluten, no added sugar, no legumes, no artificial anything, nothing processed, no alcohol. Yes to meat, veggies, fruit, coffee (YAY the one saving grace) and basically just a clean diet that leads to a ton of positive outcomes. Yeah I know, cray cray. It's basically paleo gone extreme and it's going to be a long month. Thanks to coconut milk I can have something in my coffee and smoothies and a little sweetness. God beer us strength.  (Office reference).

THIS WEBSITE: Now that I'm in nesting mode, I am constantly looking all over the internet for great DIY ideas to spruce up me and Weston's new apartment. One which I was going to post today came from this gal's website. ( GRRR STUPID CORD)  If you need inspiration, head her way. Not only is Mandy creative as F#%*, her writing is cleaver and witty and I adore her.  She really does do everything on a strict budget, not like....West Elm budget, like thrift store, garage sale, found on the side of the road budget. And how she finds so much mid century furniture in thrift stores ALMOST makes me jealous she lives in St. George, Utah. Ha. ALMOST.

THESE BOOKS: Trying to read both at the same time. One's a tad on the light side, One's on the dramatic detailed side...Guess which is which! 

I have a free music festival and spending some time with friends in Venice!
Hope you have a great weekend!

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