Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home - DIY Gold Sharpie Wall Paper (Via Vintage Revivals)

Since my latest gig ended I finally have time to have what I call a "nesting phase". That new feeling when you move into a new place and want to make it home with a ton of little projects. In the past few months while researching furniture for our place I finally found a girl who speaks my language: Mandi from Vintage Revivals. My Pinterest boards started filling up with all her amazing ideas and ways I could make them our own. The one I'm listing below, I followed this step by step from the link below and it turned fantastic :

Next are just my Before and Afters....everyone loves those. :)

BEFORE: The color of our place isn't awful.....It's a nice neutral. but we have a lower level apartment and we wanted to make sure to have as much as light as possible. Lighter paint definitely helps that. You can see my paint samples on the wall. The left is BEHR Silver Drop, and BEHR Swiss Coffee. I decided that as much as I LOVE light grays, if I was adding gold on top of this I thought it would just look like the wall was dirty, which ......so I went with the Swiss Coffee White. 

 Progress, I did the lazy ass painter thing and just put everything in the middle of the room and painted around it. Almost broke a few wine glasses with the roller on the long pole, but they survived! Ahem, ignore the other things that make it messy!

AHHHHHHH! That's better! Already lighter! Next up, "Wall Paper"

The painting took one day from start to finish and the stencil/paint pen wall paper took the next day to complete. With the painting and the paint pens the whole thing cost me under 70ish bucks and makes it pop! I think it really gives our dining room some character and definitely a ton more light, you can tell from the living room walls on the sides. 

Damn right thats a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon over there! I am stocking up on those! And thats our cute little bar that Wes got for free on a set. SCORE!

I am still in need a few things in here to liven it up: Plants, two more chairs for the the other side of the table, possibly a different light fixture. Maybe one piece of art for the wall in the middle? I've loved having our meals in there together and spend my day drinking coffee and blogging from the table. BUT this was so easy and rewarding to do. I still have more paint pens....hmmmmmmm what next?

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