Friday, August 8, 2014

Take Cover: Summer Camp AND Dana Buoy/ Fleetwood Mac= Everywhere

Today I have two covers of my 2nd favorite song of all time. Seems appropriate. Fleetwood Mac grew on me over the years, I think you have to have some serious breakups and life experiences to really appreciate how good their songs really are. The one 'm posting today may not be the most popular Fleetwood Mac song, but out of all of their songs, the first time I time I heard this, I was hooked and it became a personal anthem and instant happy song for the rest of time. Summer Camp was the first group I've heard to cover it in recent years and it made me heart ache it was so good. They filmed it 2 years ago for Mulberry's "Sound of Love" for Valentine's Day and the instant I heart it, it became the best thing to happen to me on Valentines Day in YEARS. (Kinda joking...but not really) I have tried to find downloadable version of this, but have yet to find it. Their band started as a fun joke and now has turned into an awesome career for them. This duo write great songs about longing and that youthful lust that reminds you of teenage poetry from the 80's and 90's but you love it and relate to it anyway.  So this is a perfect song for them to cover and its so just SO. DAMN. PURRTY.  Also, how cute is it that they are married in real life? Cute as hell, right? AWWWWWW

The second cover is more recent, as in I heard it this week and it made my morning so happy today that I thought I should make a post about it to make everyone perky on Friday afternoon. Dana Buoy's new album just dropped July 22nd ( Just listened to the whole thing today. Totally good) and he's touring with Slyvan Esso for the rest of the year so keep an eye out!

Feels good to post a cover again, it's been a hot second....or um longer.
Happy Friday!

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